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Sunday, March 16, 2008

EOP - Finally

Finally, I have reached the End Of the Project. Some days I wasn't sure I would make it. I think I missed 10-12 days over the last 365, that is a 97% success rate. Not too shabby.

January 19

I was playing with shutter speed on the digital SLR camera. I love that I was able to freeze the water drops as the bounced off the upturned vase.

Well, this turned out to be a really fun project. I learned a lot about the small digital camera and began to learn about the SLR. Even the little one is powerful and can do some pretty cool things.

Trying to find new and different subjects became quite a challenge in the winter. I spent all the daylight hours at work on Monday through Friday and there are only so many things to photograph. I will have to keep this project on my list of things to do and try it again - probably not until after retirement.

Seven of the Last Eight

January 12

Steve is drawfed by the huge crane outside the American Airlines terminal at LAX. We were heading to the Bradley International Terminal to kill time because he had way more time than he needed before had to go through security. The airlines suggest getting to the airport 2 hours before flight time for international flights. Each time he has gone back to Japan, he has had a lot of extra time before his flight.

January 13

I was experimenting with depth of field on our digital SLR camera and really liked how this looks. It won't be long before the roses are in bloom.

January 14

I can get close enough to Ethel to take a photo, but any closer and she bolts.

January 15

The girls get along really well.

January 16

It happened again. Most likely because I was running out of ideas for new photos.

January 17

The Santa Ana winds blew down a section of our almost 20 year old, termite and rot infested back fence. Because of the Early Childhood Learning Center behind the house, we needed to get it fixed as soon as possible. By the weekend, we had a new section.

January 18

Lucy likes Ducks hockey! She seemed to be having a lot of fun trying to catch the skaters.

Almost Done...

January 5

This is my new favorite tea. Trader Joe's has such interesting things, I like to try some of them every once in awhile. Ignore the tile and grout, they were a mess that day.

January 6

This waterfall is across the street from Dennis' new work location. It is extremely cool and fun to watch.

January 7

These are little alcohol filled chocolates that my mother gave Dennis for Christmas. I liked the order.

January 8

Ethel looks so tiny on the stairs. I wish she wouldn't run away when one of us gets close to her. She has lived with us since Halloween and she is still very skittish. She and Lucy have a great time together, but I want to hold her and pet her. We haven't done anything to hurt her, so she must have some pretty bad memories of her prior life.

January 9

We got new furniture right after the new year started. Our old couch was so low and ugly. We loved it when we bought it, but over time it stopped being comfortable. A couple of days later, Steve would be going back to Japan for the last time.

January 10

What can I say?

January 11

I am running out of new ideas. As part of the Red Devils move team, I had my pitchfork to help me keep order. After we were settled, I needed to keep it in a place of honor, hopefully to keep those who work with me in line.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

December 29

At the end of every year, we load up all our donations. There is a goodwill station in the vanpool lot near the freeway. I suppose someone will find our junk useful.

December 30

The stocking holders are supposed to spell NOEL. Our family can't leave them alone and constantly rearrange them. LONE * is a family favorite.

December 31

I can't remember how many years in a row we have been going to the Cannata's for New Year's Eve. It is always so much fun. There was a time when all the kids in both families were there, but now, they all have their own parties to attend, so we only get them for a little while. This year, I had too many cosmos and champagne and paid for it the next morning.

January 1

Even on New Year's Day, there is laundry to be done. Hangovers aren't an excuse for putting it off another day.

January 2

Three weeks after we put it up, the tree still looks nice, undecorated, but nice.

January 3

Every woman should have a photo of her mammogram machine.

January 4

Dennis has so many boxes and Lucy loves to climb. What a perfect combination.

Counting Down from 5

December 22

One of the best parts of living in Southern California, and it is NOT SoCal to me, is the weather. There aren't too many places in this country where the sky is this blue at the end of December. Of course, it is winter and a little rain now and then is a good thing.

December 23

I thought for sure that Disneyland wouldn't be too crowded the Sunday before Christmas. Wouldn't most people be doing their last minute shopping? Imagine my surprise and dismay when we got there and the line for security looked like this. After we made it through, the lines to buy tickets were extremely long, too. We changed our minds and went to a movie instead. We will use our free tickets another time.

December 24

Christmas Eve and all the presents are finally wrapped. For the last two years I have used a lot of plain brown paper and assorted ribbons. It is so much easier than picking a Christmas paper.

December 25

It didn't take long for last night's pile of wrapped gifts to turn into a pile of trash. Everyone had a great morning, so I think it was worth it.

December 26

It is still clear and warm. I was on the top level of the parking structure at the Spectrum when I took this. This is a rarity - the Santa Ana freeway is almost empty at 3:30 in the afternoon.

December 27

Dennis and I met for lunch at the little restaurant at Newport Dunes. It was such a pretty day, I did not want to go back to work.

December 28

Lucy is so photogenic.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Tis the Season

December 15

From the day we brought the tree home, Ethel has loved sitting under it. I have not caught her climbing it, but she has enjoyed playing with the ornaments.

December 16

I love the view from the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency. We were there for the ENG holiday party.

December 17

The lunch group goes out to Koki's for dinner.

December 18

The lighted palm trees look much better in real life than they do in this photo. I should do night photos with the big Nikon instead of the little Canon.

December 19

It was a drizzly evening at work, but it was an amazing sunset.

December 20

The cat with the laser eyes and the very dirty slider in the background.

December 21

I just like the way the bottles lined up in the rack.

The End is Near

December 8

Every year since the kids were little we have gotten our Christmas tree at Peltzer Pines. It takes a few years for the trees get big enough to sell, so each year there is an empty area and areas with small trees, trying hard to become big enough to go home with someone like us.

December 9

I am fascinated by candle flames and soft wax.

December 10

No explanation required.

December 11

While Christmas shopping at South Coast Plaza, I saw this bunch of balloons from the second floor. I loved the assortment of colors.

December 12

I was not at work the day before when these were delivered, so this is what greeted me when I arrived. We ordered 30 hurricane candle holders to use as centerpieces for the ENG holiday party that was to be held on the following Sunday.

Decmeber 13

The four of us have been going to Claim Jumper for years after PTA meetings. Cheryl is the only one left in the group who has them any longer. Every once in a while we get together for drinks. This night, we had dinner and exchanged Christmas gifts as well.

December 14

How many families have the Dallas Cowboys star on the top of their Christmas tree? Jim and Steve are huge fans, the rest of us - not so much. It was Steve's idea to put it up there this year. We usually don't have any special star of angel that goes on the top of our tree.